Southeast Asia 2008 (part I): Krabi

Krabi, Thailand:

sunset in Krabi, Thailand

sunset in Krabi, Thailand

In 2008, I was lucky enough to win tickets for a one-week journey to Thailand. The beer company organizing the lottery booked an entire hotel resort for the 300 winners. As you can imagine, it was really fantastic!! Because I thought that one week is not enough, I extended the trip and backpacked through Thailand and Cambodia for another 3 weeks together with a friend… You can check out our itinerary on the map below – or (even better) follow it in the coming days while I will post photographs of the entire journey here on this blog!


After an overnight flight from Germany, we arrived in Bangkok early in the morning and got our connection flight to Krabi. Night already descended when we entered the boats which would take us to the resort! The Centara Grand Beach Resort is definitely not a place I would normally stay at – but that is merely caused by the (probably) high price of the luxurious rooms which even included a large balcony with jacuzzi and views across the ocean! The following days were spent with boat tours around the islands, swimming in the ocean or the pool, admiring the sunsets, and so on!

Several times we went snorkeling near the beach or at smaller coral reefs. Fortunately, I had a small underwater camera with me, so I can show you what it looked like!

Unfortunately, time in this paradise went by quickly and too soon we were sitting again in the airplane back to Bangkok. However, while most of the other winners were only changing planes to continue back home, my real adventure was about to begin – but for that you will have to check out the next post!

17 responses to “Southeast Asia 2008 (part I): Krabi

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  2. What an incredible opportunity you had! These photos are breathtaking. And what a wise thought to have an underwater camera as well – terrific and unusual images.

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  4. Did you really win a trip to Thailand for drinking beer??!! Could someone get luckier than you?? I wish I had seen all these posts before. Southeast Asia is fantastic!!! I’d like to go back… but next time I’ll plan it better.

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