Delving into history in Delhi, India (09/2018)

ruins of Tughlaqabad Fort

ruins of Tughlaqabad Fort

What a change in scene – and weather – between the cold Himalayas and hot Delhi!

I spent the last days in India with packing and organizing, but also got the chance to see some of the sights together with colleagues and friends. We visited a few places which were already known to me, such as the Jantar Mantar or the splendid Humayun’s Tomb. I really enjoyed Tughlaqabad Fort, which was built by Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq of the Delhi Sultanate in 1321. It was really nice strolling through the forested area with the imposing ruins. Just across the road is the modest mausoleum of the ruler himself who died under mysterious circumstances in 1325. I also had the chance to visit the National Museum (housing a large number of fantastic ancient art pieces from all over the country) as well as the National Gallery of Modern Arts.

My journey through the mighty Himalayas came to an end just where it started: in Delhi. India had again overwhelmed me with its magnificent diversity and I was happy that plans were already finalized that I would return only a couple of months later for another work trip!

8 responses to “Delving into history in Delhi, India (09/2018)

    • Yes, I completely agree… I have been to Delhi many times now, but there are still more places to discover… I guess some people get a bit tired by the megacity-frenzy, but if you are used to that, there is just so much to see and explore!! 🤩

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