Steenbok (Raphicerus campestris)

Steenbok in the bush

Steenbok in the bush

I will start this weekly blog with one of my favourite antelopes of southern Africa, the Steenbok (Raphicerus campestris). This small antelope is quite common in grassland with patches of taller grass or bushes for cover. It can be found solitary or in pairs while foraging for food which is composed of grass as well as leaves. You are likely to see this little fellow on your visits to the countryside of southern and eastern Africa, but once you stop your car to observe it, it will freeze, look into your eyes for a split second and then dart for cover making long leaps every few metres until it reaches a bush or rock. I have seen many “steenbokkies” throughout the years, but due to their nervous behaviour, I could not take a lot of nice photographs of them. Here are some, I took in Namibia in February 2007.

A pair of steenbokkies

A pair of steenbokkies

Steenbok on the run

Steenbok on the run

one glance and then it's gone

one glance and then it’s gone

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