Bohor Reedbuck (Redunca redunca)

male Bohor Reedbuck

male Bohor Reedbuck

The Bohor Reedbuck (Redunca redunca) is a mid-sized antelope occurring in central Africa – from Senegal in the east up to Ethiopia and Tanzania in the west. The animals prefer grasslands near water bodies and, in contrast to many other African antelopes, do not form large groups, but remain mostly solitary. Reedbucks are active throughout the day, but often rest during midday. When approached, they rather stay motionless and flee only at the last moment. Due to their solitary lifestyle and a colour similar to dry grass, reedbucks are not very conspicuous and often overlooked.

The photographs in this post have been taken during a drive through the Pendjari National Park in northern Benin in February 2012. This wonderful nature reserve is teeming with wild life and very worth a visit.

reedbuck on the run

reedbuck on the run

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