Rufous Motmot (Baryphthengus martii)

Rufous Motmot

Rufous Motmot

The Rufous Motmot (Baryphthengus martii) is a bird of tropical rainforests of Central and South America (Honduras to Brazil). It inhabits tall wet forests and secondary growth, where it hunts for insects, lizards, crabs, and fish, but also nibbles the occasional fruit. The comparatively large birds nest in deep burrows, for example in river banks. Despite their strikingly colourful plumages, the birds are hard to spot in the forest, rely on this camouflage, and often sit still in hope of being overlooked. I was lucky enough to see it nonetheless during a walk through the forest near Fort San Lorenzo (Panama, February 2014), but was satisfied with taking not more than a photograph…

5 responses to “Rufous Motmot (Baryphthengus martii)

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  2. I think motmots are so cool! This is a great photo, especially considering the dark canopy and their elusiveness. You captured the unusual tail too!

    • thank you! 🙂 this one flew across the path maybe 20 m in front of me – I just noticed the movement. When I came to the spot and looked into the forest, I saw the motmot sitting on a tree. It was really quite dark, but my camera worked pretty well for me…

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