Turkey 2010/11 (Day 4)

Along the Bosporus:

the Maiden's Tower

the Maiden’s Tower

After celebrating New Year’s Eve on the Galata Bridge, we spent the first day of 2011 on the Bosporus. This narrow waterway separates Europe and Asia and connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara (for a map see here). Ferries travel along its length carrying locals as well as tourists up to Anadolu Kavagi where the Bosporus opens up, offering views onto the Black Sea. Luckily, we had superb weather and therefore could enjoy the beautiful scenery to the fullest! First the ferry passed the Dolmabahce and Ciragan Palaces, the sultan’s domiciles constructed in the 19th century. However, even more fascinating were indeed the old wooden houses straddling the shore. Once we arrived in Anadolu Kavagi, we had an overpriced lunch and then walked up the hill to a small view point from where you can see the large cargo ships leaving and entering the Bosporus. We took the return ferry in the afternoon arriving back in the city centre during a truly wonderful sunset leaving the minaretts glow in the evening light.

On our last day in Istanbul we again explored parts of the old town, but for this you have to check out the final post of the series! 🙂

4 responses to “Turkey 2010/11 (Day 4)

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  2. I’ve never been there…That white ‘wooden’ house is so gorgeous! and then there is that image of the hill, really packed with houses and at the same time the water is filled up with seagulls…interesting. I can imagine that having the sun go down or up for that matter those praying homes/mosque must look very impressive. Nice, nice, nice

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