China 2015 (part II): Beijing


Kunming Lake viewed from Longevity Hill

Kunming Lake viewed from Longevity Hill

On my third day in Beijing, a friend and myself met with fellow blogger Marie Louise at the Olympic Forest Park in northern Beijing for some birding (you can check out her great blog here). Because I was concentrating on spotting and photographing birds, I unfortunately neglected to take some pictures of the nice scenery. Even if you are not into wildlife watching, the area is definitely great for walks or a picnic! Although the season and the weather were not good for birding, we spotted a couple of species, for example, a flock of Vinous-throated Parrotbills and several Yellow Bitterns.

After leaving the park, we unfortunately had to say good-bye to Marie Louise (thanks again for showing us around!! 🙂 ). The remaining two of us took a quick look at the famous and close-by “Bird’s Nest” before hopping onto the metro towards the New Summer Palace. The day was cloudy and soon some rain drops fell, but before we could check out most of the halls and temples of this magnificent place at the shores of Kunming Lake.

The following day, we wanted to visit another of Beijing’s must-sees: the Forbidden City! But you have to check out the following post to read about that! 🙂

21 responses to “China 2015 (part II): Beijing

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  3. Very nice virtual tour and thanks for reminding me my memories before couple of years! That is really impressive place! BTW I love lotos flowers 🙂 Bye. Kamila

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