Video: Bus journey from Xining to Yushu (China 2015)

In the last post, I have written about our 14-hour bus journey from Xining to Yushu. This trip brought us to altitudes exceeding 4,800 m and let us experience the majestic landscapes of the Tibetan Plateau. Since I took my GoPro with me on this bus ride, I could bring back some moving pictures. I hope you enjoy the video!

Because the bus was shaking a lot, I had to stabilize the footage with Adobe After Effects. I am really new to video editing – if you have suggestions for improvements (e.g., better music or post-production), please let me know!

3 responses to “Video: Bus journey from Xining to Yushu (China 2015)

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  2. That is really cool!! I like how you did the transitions – it looks seamless and professional. I wish I would have taken some more vids in Costa Rica and seeing how you integrated this into your blog posts have given me some ideas. Thanks for sharing – I really enjoyed taking a 14 hour ride in under 5 minutes!

    • oh – thank you very much for your comment and compliments!! I have really tried hard, but editing video footage is taking sooo long with my laptop, I almost lost all of my motivation! However, there will be one more video coming from this journey… have a great day!!

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