China 2015 (part XII): Tagong

Tagong, Sichuan:

monks gathering in Lhagang Monastery

monks gathering in Lhagang Monastery

Our next destination after our days in Litang was the tiny village of Tagong (click here for a map). This sleepy, little settlement is quite popular with backpackers because of its laid-back atmosphere, beautiful landscapes offering fantastic hiking possibilities, and cozy hostels with restaurants offering even western dishes! However, during our visit, Tagong was crowded not with travellers, but with monks gathering in Lhagang Monastery to listen to the teachings of a famous lama. Apart from enjoying the festive atmosphere in town, we went for a hike through the blooming grasslands towards the nunnery of Ser Gyergo. The centre of the nuns’ settlement is a beautiful temple together with the adjoining mani wall. Sky burials take place in the neighbouring hills which are covered with colourful flags. But apart from the cultural experiences, the majestic mountain landscape alone makes the journey here worth it!

Following our short stay at Tagong, we hopped on the bus to neighbouring Kangding, the seat of the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, situated right at the border to Mainland China.

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    • yes, especially on the inside!! these prayer halls have a great atmosphere with their statues, candles, paintings, music, etc. – but it’s usually not allowed to take photographs inside and I guess it’s better that way!! thanks for your comment!! 🙂

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