India 2016 (part VI): Kachchh 2

Kachchh, Gujarat:

entrance to the Prag Mahal in Bhuj

entrance to the Prag Mahal in Bhuj

Following my adventurous visit to the Gir National Park and a long drive via Junagadh, I finally arrived in Bhuj, the capital of Kachchh.


In the coming two weeks, I continued my research which I had to interrupt in January due to some bureaucratic hassle. In the post covering my stay in Kachchh at the beginning of the year, I showed you some aspects of rural life in the area. This time, I was quite busy with work and did not take a lot of photographs. Only one afternoon, I finished early and went to the Prag Mahal. I had visited this main palace of Bhuj already during my first stay in Kachchh in 2008/09, but in the meantime it had been renovated (to see how it looked back then click here!). Now it was even possible to climb the tower and enjoy a great view of the city!

After my work in Kachchh was completed, I took a flight from Bhuj to Cochin in Kerala. There I visited a colleague for some more research and a trip into the South Indian countryside. Check it out!

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