India 2016 (part VIII): Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park, Kerala:

wonderful scenery in Periyar National Park

wonderful scenery in Periyar National Park

On our short tour through the Western Ghats of Kerala, we had stopped in Kumily overnight and visited the adjacent Periyar National Park early next morning.


Although guided jungle walks and jeep safaris are possible, the main attraction of the sanctuary are boat trips on the artificial lake forming the centre of the park. There are a number of large mammal species living here (including tigers, elephants, bison), but it is the extremely beautiful scenery which makes the journey worthwhile. The boats depart several times a day, but we opted for the early morning tour starting at 7.30 am and offering the best chances for wildlife sightings. When we left, the entire landscape was covered by fog only slowly dissipating once the sun came out. Apart from a number of birds, we saw several bison (gaur), sambar, wild boars, and a wild dog (dhole) – the latter quickly retreating into the forest upon our arrival. After our return, I strolled through the forest next to the boat jetty and saw some Malabar giant squirrels as well as a group of endangered Nilgiri langurs.

Following this great outing into the Periyar National Park, we continued our journey through the Western Ghats until we eventually reached the steaming hot plains of Kerala once again.

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