India 2016 (part XIII): Kaziranga 2

Kaziranga National Park, Assam:


Asian Elephant in Kaziranga National Park

My first day in the Kaziranga National Park was already packed with amazing wildlife sightings, therefore I was very curious whether the next day could still top it – let’s see!


In the morning, my guide took me to the western range of the national park. Again, we saw a couple of rhinos, Wild Water Buffalo, and a number of birds.

The watch tower at the end of the road enabled a good view on a wide plain with a lot of grazing, chilling, or mud-bathing rhinos… unbelievable!


at least 30 rhinos in one panorama! Count yourself in full size!

During the lunch break back at the Wild Grass Lodge, I took a short walk through the garden spotting a couple of Crimson Sunbirds before heading out again for the afternoon safari.

While the morning safari was nice, it did not offer a lot of new sightings. In contrast, the afternoon safari in the central range was again very spectacular: I saw a lot of interesting birds, a young Asian Elephant roaming through the grasslands, several rhinos very close to the road, my first Barking Deer (aka Indian Muntjac), a Bengal Monitor – and (last but certainly not least) my first wild Tiger!!! All thanks to my very good guide, we were the first at a watch tower and as predicted the tiger was already lying next to the lake. Although it was very far away and barely visible with the naked eye, I was thrilled! After ten minutes, more tourists came and albeit our warnings they started talking and shouting – the tiger consequently got up and left the scene! Anyways, I was still very happy that I had seen it! If you like, you can check out a video including clips from this safari here!

After this highlight, I spent a last relaxed night in the hotel before heading back to the airport in Guwahati the next morning. The highway followed the course of the mighty Brahmaputra through seemingly never-ending rice fields…

From Guwahati, the plane brought me back to Jaipur where I would continue my research in the following weeks.

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