India 2016 (part XV): Sights of Jaipur 1

Jaipur, Rajasthan:

water tank at Galtaji

water tank at Galtaji

One week after the festival of Gangaur, I used a lazy sunday to explore some sights of Jaipur together with a friend.


First we visited Galtaji, an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site with a number of temples and water tanks. Most of the beautiful buildings in a narrow gorge through the hills at the eastern boundary of Jaipur were constructed in the 18th century. The Surya Temple stands at the highest point and enables wonderful views across the old town of Jaipur. Further eastwards follows the famous Hanuman Temple also known as Monkey Temple due to the large number of Rhesus Macaques living there. Many pilgrims and locals come to take a bath in the water tanks filled from a natural spring in the mountains.

In the afternoon, we took an autorickshaw to Nahargarh Fort. This beautiful palace, constructed in 1734 on the hills north of Jaipur, also offers great views of the city. Popular belief states that the fort was named after a prince called Nahar Singh whose spirit haunted the place after his death and could only be pacified by building a temple within the palace grounds.

With afternoon temperatures in Jaipur reaching regularly above 40°C since mid-April, sightseeing becomes quite exhausting. Nevertheless, I still explored quite a bit in the following weeks… as you will see in the next post!

8 responses to “India 2016 (part XV): Sights of Jaipur 1

  1. Wonderful visit to Jaipur, Matthias, thank you taking us along. Your “lazy Sunday” looks adventurous, and I appreciate you sharing it.

  2. When I went to Jaipur, I only made it to the Surya temple and thought “I don’t think this is what my frieds where talking about”. I hadn’t seen pictures of Galta Ji, it’s actually beautiful. I guess next time I visit the city I will try again.

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