India 2016 (part XXVI): Harshnath Temple

Harshnath Temple near Sikar, Rajasthan:

path to the Harshnath Temple

path to the Harshnath Temple

On the weekend following my return from Kolkata and Delhi, I joined a group tour to the Harshnath Temple near Sikar, ca. 100 km northwest of Jaipur.


According to an ancient inscription, its construction started in 956 – the temple is therefore more than 1000 years old! Although now mostly in ruins, the atmosphere with the abundant worshippers coming from the adjoining villages was great. In addition, the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva allows great views across the Rajasthani landscape.

After our visit we had lunch in another small temple at the foot of the hill. But while the food was good, the most remarkable experience constituted thousands of millipedes running through the whole area. In fact, the entire courtyard of the temple was full of these arthropods all busy crawling here and there. It seems that the animals show this kind of behaviour only during the monsoon season. I took a few video clips (some are played at ten times original speed), so you can get an idea:

After lunch we returned home to Jaipur, where I would do some sightseeing in the following days.

6 responses to “India 2016 (part XXVI): Harshnath Temple

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  3. I like the music selection for the video! The millipedes look kind of funny when the clips are being played faster.

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