India 2016 (part XLIII): Bharatpur

Bharatpur, Rajasthan:

Lohiya Gate in Bharatpur

Lohiya Gate in Bharatpur

Four weeks after my last trip to Khajuraho, I used the holidays surrounding Diwali and took the train to Bharatpur in easternmost Rajasthan.


Bharatpur is famous for the beautiful Keoladeo National Park, but since I had enough time I also visited the city itself. The town is centred around the Lohagarh Fort with its impressive walls and wide moat. Two bridges lead into the fortress: the Lohiya Gate in the south and the Austdhatu Gate in the north. In general, the entire place seems a little neglected and certainly not many tourists come here. I wanted to visit the museum in an old palace building, but unfortunately it was closed for maintenance. Consequently, I only wandered through the fort’s alleys and checked out the Kishori Mahal Secretariate and an old tower, the Jawahar Burj.

During the two days in Bharatpur, I stayed in Hotel Sunbird, a great place situated very close to the entrance of the national park – check out the coming post, if you want to know what I saw in the sanctuary!

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