India 2016 (part XLVIII): Delhi 2


Agrasen ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli

On the weekend following Diwali, I spent an afternoon with a friend in Delhi.


Together we walked through Hauz Khas Village and explored some of the ancient ruins (mostly 14th century). Afterwards, we took an autorickshaw to a similarly old step well close to Connaught Place, the Agrasen ki Baoli. From there it was just a short walk to the Jantar Mantar, a park with astronomical instruments from the 18th century.

As you can see on the photographs, Delhi was smothered by smog during the time of my visit. It felt like a post-apocalyptic world and probably it was a bad idea that we were outside under these conditions – at least the articles in the local newspapers were quite scary:


On the following day, I took the Gatimaan Express, India’s fastest train, to reach Agra where I wanted to visit the famous Taj Mahal.

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