Video: Wildlife around Bikaner (India 2016)

The countryside around Bikaner offers great wildlife sightings as I have shown you already in my last post. In the video below, you will see some of the prominent species in moving pictures: Nilgai, Indian Gazelles (Chinkara), Griffon Vultures, Cinereous Vultures, more Griffon Vultures, a Steppe Eagle, an Eastern Imperial Eagle, a Steppe Eagle together with a Griffon Vulture, juvenile and adult Egyptian Vultures, a Long-legged Buzzard, a Southern Grey Shrike, an Indian Courser, a Cream-Coloured Courser, Isabelline Wheatears, and a Laggar Falcon. I hope you enjoy it (watch it in HD)!

I used my Canon 60D and Sigma 120-400 mm lens for the video. Later on, I did some poor amateur editing with Adobe After Effects.

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