India 2016 (part LVII): Kachchh 3

Kachchh, Gujarat:

Sharad Baug Palace in Bhuj

Sharad Baug Palace in Bhuj

Following my adventures at the Wild Ass Sanctuary, I travelled to Bhuj in Kachchh from where I would conduct field work in the following 2.5 weeks.


While most of my time in Kachchh was filled with work, I had a few hours on my last day to discover some parts of Bhuj which were new to me. I started my tour at the Sharad Baug Palace which was constructed in 1867 and inhabited by the last Maharao of Kachchh, Madansingh, until 1991. Afterwards, I visited the dimly lit Kachchh Museum before checking out Hamirsar Tank for potentially interesting migratory birds commonly assembling here during the winter months.

In the late afternoon, the overnight train took me back to Jaipur where I spent some more days working and getting organized before a plane would bring me home to Germany. My adventurous year in India was over! I experienced a lot during these twelve months and will always feel connected to this wonderful country!

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