Namibia 2007 (part III): Khorixas

Khorixas, Namibia:

Gemsbok in the wide savannah

Gemsbok in the wide savannah

After leaving the Brandberg, we drove north to Khorixas and further into the barren Namib Desert.

The area around Khorixas is famous for the large numbers of Welwitschia plants growing here. This living fossil is endemic to the Namib Desert of Namibia and southern Angola. The plants are either male or female (dioecious) and can live for several hundred years (some are believed to be more than 2000 years old!), but have only one pair of large leaves. In addition to these fascinating living fossils, we also visited a less interesting field of petrified wood logs near the tiny town of Khorixas.

West of Khorixas, the road descends very gradually towards the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, which can be seen already from faaar away. We continued our journey along the so-called Skeleton Coast towards Swakopmund.

8 responses to “Namibia 2007 (part III): Khorixas

    • thank you!! it is indeed a fantastic country with impressive landscapes and so much nature!! I hope you can visit it soon!! Actually, the entire southern Africa is extremely beautiful – be it the Garden Route or the Okavango Delta!!

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