Scandinavia 2017 (part V): Norway in a Nutshell

Norway in a Nutshell Tour, Norway:

ship tour on the Nærøyfjord

ship tour on the Nærøyfjord

After exploring Bergen for a day, we left the city again and traveled to Oslo, Norway’s capital. However, we did not choose the direct route, but took the popular ‘Norway in a Nutshell Tour’.

The ‘Norway in a Nutshell Tour’ uses public transport to allow visitors to experience some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. However, when we started the tour in the early morning, we were quite shocked by the sheer masses of fellow tourists! I began to dread the following hours, but luckily it did not turn out to be so bad. First the Bergen Railway took us to Voss where we changed into buses bringing us to Gudvangen. On the way we saw the first impressive waterfalls and majestic valleys in the mountains. In Gudvangen, we entered a ferry which crossed the Nærøy- and Aurlandsfjords offering fantastic views of this unique landscape. Once we disembarked in Flåm, the railway took us on a 20-km-long trip up to Myrdal on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau from where we continued our journey to Oslo.

The Flåm Railway is a true engineering masterpiece constructed between 1924 and 1940 covering 864 m of altitude with a series of tunnels and hairpin turns. Today, it is used mainly for tourists and even includes a short stop at beautiful Kjosfossen waterfall. You can see a short video of the trip below.

After a long and nice day of traveling through Norway’s beautiful countryside, we finally reached Oslo in the evening.

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