Germany 2018: Hamburg


Elbphilharmonie at Hamburg harbour

Elbphilharmonie at Hamburg harbour

At the end of May, I visited a friend in Hamburg and together we went on a walk through its beautiful city centre.

Starting at the main station, we passed a number of architectural highlights. Our first stop was the impressive Chilehaus built in the so-called Brick Expressionism style of architecture during the 1920s. From there we walked to the city hall constructed at the end of the 19th century and also took a quick look at the ruined St. Nicholas’ Church which serves as a memorial for World War II nowadays. We then scaled St. Michael’s Church for a truly fantastic view all over the city centre up to the harbour and the Alster lakes. The port with the impressive Elbphilharmonie was our next stop. This concert hall was opened in January 2017 after a construction time of almost ten years and at a cost of almost 800 million Euro! Upon completion, it became Hamburg’s highest inhabited building (108 m) and certainly one of the city’s top landmarks!

A trip to Hamburg is always a good idea and I really wish that I can do the city justice some day by exploring it in more detail.

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