India 2018 (part VI): Karnala Fort

Karnala Fort, Maharashtra:

Karnala Fort

Karnala Fort

At the end of June, research brought me back to India and luckily I could connect this work trip with some days of sightseeing!

My port of entry was Mumbai where I met a good friend who took me for a day hike to Karnala Fort. If you have ever been to India in June, then you know that this is certainly not the right time for physical exercise outdoors – I was covered by sweat all day long (probably good for detoxing though 😉 )! Karnala Fort was constructed already before 1400 to secure the trade route between the Konkan Coast and central Maharashtra. Today it is situated in the protected forest of the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, although during our hike we did not spot any interesting birds. The views from the top across the green hills were truly spectacular and worth the effort!

Because of my love for bird watching, my friend also took me to a small lake in Navi Mumbai where several hundreds of Lesser Flamingos gather each afternoon. A small platform offers a great overview over the pink spectacle and if you have some more time to spend, you can even walk to the other side of the lake and maybe spot some other birds.

In summary: I had two great days in Mumbai! 🙂

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