India 2018 (part XI): Ajanta

Ajanta, Maharashtra:

a worship hall (Cave 19; 5th century AD)

a worship hall (Cave 19; 5th century AD)

After spending the night at the Lonar Crater, we continued our journey with a visit to the spectacular Ajanta Caves.

The approximately thirty Ajanta Caves were carved into the steep cliff along the Waghur River between the 2nd century BC and 5th century AD. The UNESCO world heritage site includes some of the finest ancient Indian art with unbelievably well preserved wall paintings. Even though we had already visited the grand temples of Ellora, I found the Ajanta Caves even more impressive – also because of their beautiful setting within the river valley.

I hope that the photos convince you that this place should definitely be included high up on your bucket list! 😉

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