Across high passes from Keylong to Leh, India (09/2018)

mountain scenery

mountain scenery

We stayed in Keylong only for the night and continued our journey deeper into the mighty Himalayas in the morning.

Just before sunrise, I put my GoPro on the balcony and captured the following hours as a time lapse – I enjoyed watching the little town wake up.

After breakfast, we left for the 360-km-long drive to Leh. The journey took us again through a breathtaking mountain scenery, especially since we had to cross four high passes: the Baralacha La (4890 m), the Nakee La (4739 m), the Lachung La (5059 m), and finally the Tanglang La (5328 m). The weather was cloudy, windy and cold with even some snow fall at the highest points. A nice surprise was to see Kiangs (Tibetan wild asses) in the grasslands of the Moore Plains.

During the journey, I also took a few clips and assembled a short video:

We reached Leh long after sunset. Fortunately, we did not have to drive further on the next day. Instead, we got some provisions for the rest of the journey and also visited some of the city’s sights!

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