Through the Suru Valley from Kargil to Rangdum, India (09/2018)

Rangdum Monastery

Rangdum Monastery

At Kargil, we branched off from National Highway 1 southwards and passed through the Suru Valley all the way to tiny Rangdum Monastery.

The morning greeted us with splendid sunshine and we got back on the road leaving Kargil behind. The Suru Valley was lush and green and dotted with lots of small villages. We passed numerous little mosques in this predominantly Muslim area. Further south, the road ascended into higher altitudes – the scenery became more dramatic, the road increasingly bumpy, and the weather cloudy.

Again, I took some video clips of the road trip:

We reached Rangdum in the late afternoon and after checking into the simple hotel “La Himalaya” we drove a few kilometres further to the monastery. Rangdum Monastery is situated on a tiny hill in the very wide valley with a majestic mountain background. It was built around 200 years ago and has a fantastic remote feeling to it. The following days, we spent working in the countryside north of Rangdum, where we had to deal with quite cold weather conditions including snowfall, freezing temperatures, and sometimes heavy winds.

One evening, I took a time lapse video from the hotel window of the sunset in the village:

Once work was done, we left barren Rangdum behind and entered the Zanskar region on our way to Padum.

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