Island hopping in Aswan, Egypt (10/2018)

scenery in Aswan

scenery in Aswan

After exploring Cairo and its surrounding sights, we left the megacity and traveled all they way to Aswan in southern Egypt.

It is possible to fly from Cairo to Aswan, but we opted for the longer, but very comfortable overnight train.

After we arrived in Aswan, we took a boat and visited the spectacular Philae Temple. Its construction began in 690 BC and worship of the goddess Isis continued here until at least 550 AD. More than one thousand years later, between 1972 and 1980 engineers disassembled the entire complex and reconstructed it at a higher locality to prevent it from drowning in Lake Nasser (after the completion of Aswan High Dam) – what an impressive accomplishment!

I would say that Aswan was the nicest city I have seen in Egypt. Its location at the Nile River with its many islands is unbelievably beautiful! Crossing the river with a felucca is a wonderful experience. I could easily spend a week here and just look at the river (and enjoy the delicious food!). During our time in Aswan, we visited the Monastery of St. Simeon, the Unfinished Obelisk, Elephantine Island with its ancient ruins, the Botanical Garden, the Tombs of the Nobles, a Nubian Village, the Nubian Museum, the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, and the Aswan Dam.

Our time in Aswan was certainly one of the absolute highlights of our trip through Egypt!

8 responses to “Island hopping in Aswan, Egypt (10/2018)

  1. This vicarious visit to Egypt was astounding, Matthias, thanks so much. The photos are wonderful, appreciated the map too. Then the videos were works of art. The music in both of them was evocative and oh my goodness, the sights are incredible. Philae Temple is so huge! And then on to Aswan and the Nile — most extraordinary. I loved seeing the ancient tombs. The beautiful, expansive Nile and the current activity on it juxtaposed with the life from centuries ago. The hieroglyphics, relief drawings, buildings, sand…mystery. Brilliant post, thanks so much.

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