The marvellous Dendera Temple Complex, Egypt (11/2018)

fantastic artwork at the ceiling of the temple's main hall

fantastic artwork at the ceiling of the temple’s main hall

On the way back from Abydos to Luxor, we visited the fantastic Dendera Temple Complex.

The monuments at Dendera are certainly among the finest in entire Egypt. Construction of the large temple complex dedicated to Hathor started in the late Ptolemaic Period (around the 1st century BC). The ancient artwork on the walls and ceiling of the main hall are absolutely outstanding! Furthermore, visitors can climb up onto the roof as well as clamber down into some hidden tunnels underneath the temple. In one of these narrow tunnels, you can find the famous “Dendera Light”.

the famous Dendera Light

the famous Dendera Light

While most archaeologists agree that the carvings represent parts of Egyptian mythology, some pseudoscientists proposed that they illustrate advanced technology such as electrical lamps. Even though we had already visited a good number of old temples and monuments on our trip, Dendera blew our minds completely! The beauty and outstanding preservation of the place is really exceptional!

After our visit, we returned to Luxor for the night before finally departing from the Nile River Valley and crossing the Eastern Desert to the Red Sea.

4 responses to “The marvellous Dendera Temple Complex, Egypt (11/2018)

  1. Ok, one more question…. did you touch the walls and feel the history? Laura loves touching the locations we visit to remember how we are in the same location that so many before us have been and soak it in…

    • Hey! Thank you! I think you can touch a lot of ancient rocks and walls in Egypt (also the pyramids, for example), but I would not touch carvings or paintings, because if lots of tourists touch them, they will suffer and eventually disappear!

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