With the ferry from Kiel to Klaipeda, Lithuania (07/2019)

leaving Kiel at sunset

leaving Kiel at sunset

At the end of July, I took the overnight ferry from Kiel across the Baltic Sea to Klaipeda in Lithuania from where I would explore the three Baltic states.

The weather was wonderful and I enjoyed a spectacular sunset from the deck of the DFDS ferry while leaving the Kieler Förde in northern Germany. I chose the cheapest option, which meant that I slept on the floor of the lounge area (still more comfortable than the reclining seats). In the morning, I chilled outside enjoying the views across the Baltic Sea, which was covered by some kind of algae for large stretches. We reached Klaipeda in the late afternoon and I could see the long beaches of the Curonian Spit.

I still had time to check out the small city centre of Klaipeda after checking into the hotel for the night.

Despite its complex history, Klaipeda has very few real sights and I was happy that I had booked an early morning bus to Vilnius on the next day.

2 responses to “With the ferry from Kiel to Klaipeda, Lithuania (07/2019)

    • Haha – yes, I am very lucky and travel a lot! 😊 Mostly for work, but I try to connect that with fun as much as possible! I traveled to North Korea at the end of September, but I was in the Baltic states already in July… I changed the order of my posts – they are not chronological right now! 😊 thanks a lot for following and checking it out! ✌

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