about me

taking pictures in the Amazon rainforest

taking pictures in the Amazon rainforest

My name is Matthias and I live in northern Germany. My passions are wildlife, travelling, and photography – hobbies which can easily be combined!

The photographs on this blog were taken with a Canon 60D (up to 2011 with a Canon 350D). I hold the copyrights, therefore please do not copy and distribute them without my knowledge. If you like to use any of my photographs or illustrations feel free to contact me – you will get a quick response, I promise!

PS: The maps I use on this blog are meant to show localities and DO NOT illustrate any political beliefs! They are merely based on the first available source.

141 responses to “about me

  1. Danke für deinen Besuch! Habe grade deine Bilder angeschaut, sie sind toll! Vorallem das unterste Bild mit dem Basstölpel ist wunderschön..

  2. Hi Matthias,

    Thanks for liking and following my blog. I think your blog looks great and very professional. I am most jealous of your travels and love your giant squirrel with his extra long tail.

    • thank you – I made “one post per week” my goal… sometimes I wish I would allow myself more posts 😉 but it seems like a good and healthy average for me!! glad you like it!

  3. Hi Matthias, thanks for liking my post that brought me here. You have great photos of the wild and make me want to travel to see the them in real. Look forward for your next wild life shots.
    Greetings from Bali, Indonesia. – Ika

    • thank you for your comment! 🙂 I love the city of Siena and remember several nice visits, although it has been more than 10 years now… would love to go back some time…

  4. Hey Matthias, thank you for visiting and Liking my blog. I see you’ve been to all the continents except Oceania. You have some very beautiful photos, I think you should take time to visit Australia and see what photogenic wildlife we have to offer. Some of our birds are amazing.

    • hey – thanks for your comment! I would love to visit Australia… but unfortunately I don’t see that option arising soon… 😦 I have to be patient!
      PS: don’t forget Antarctica!! 😉

  5. Hi Matthias
    Thanks for following. I’m a happy camper now you are joining me as I trip around by RV, plane, car and time machine to the past.
    Comments, compliments, critiques and wisecracks are most welcome.
    I love your great wildlife photos! “See” you again soon.
    Which Way Now 101 aka Carol

  6. thanks for the like of my recent post… it lead me here, and I’m happy to follow, and enjoy wildlife in yet another way. Your pics are great! I hope one day yet to travel and see more first hand; meanwhile I’m happy to live with geese, coyotes, deer, a variety of hawks, and quite a variety of arachnids also.

  7. Beautiful work,Mathias.Thank you for liking my blog,it made me find yours.I love your wild life explorations.Please do give our elusive snow leopards in Ladakh,endangered Golden bird in Son Chiriya Sanctuary and Wild Asses,in Gujarat a chance too.Looking forward to more posts from you

  8. Hi Matthias, thank you very much for checking out my blog. You have some amazing pictures here!! Happy traveling 🙂 Irene

    • thanks for your comment!! 🙂 I will be very happy if you come back – there is one post a week… the one for tomorrow is already finished – just wait for it! 😉

  9. Hey! I have nominated YOU for a Liebster Award! Check out my latest blog for the details, and I’ve set you ten questions to answer! LOVE your blog!

  10. Matthias , I love your work. Are you ever willing to be interviewed? I love showing off the work of writers, artists, photographers with the hope that people will be inspired.
    You can email me at mdw4osp@gmail.com if you are interested (if not I completely understand)

    • hello and thanks for your comment and compliments! 🙂 how does an interview with you work? I am actually quite busy right now, but maybe we’ll find time for it?

  11. We have similar passions for wildlife 🙂 Ours come visiting though. …
    Love your photos 🙂

  12. Hi Matthias! I just wanted to say thanks for the likes on my photography blog – it’s greatly appreciated 😀 Your site is so interesting to read, and the photos are gorgeous. It looks like we have exactly the same top 3 passions – wildlife, travel, and photography… I’m glad we’ve found each others sites on the jungle that is wordpress! I can’t wait to see more of your blog.

    • wow – thanks a lot for your comment and the compliments, Beki! 🙂 I am happy to have found your blog, too, and look forward to many more posts with great photos of your experiences!! 😉 have a great day!!

    • thanks a lot!! I have to admit that apart from a few field guides for identification and some background info I use wikipedia a lot… 😉 but the photographs are all mine! I am glad you like it anyways…

  13. I really enjoyed your blog, great pictures. I noticed that you use a Canon 350D, been looking at buying a new camera. What do you like about it and do you get the quality pictures that you are looking for? Any drawbacks?

    • thank you – I am glad you like it!!!
      I was using a Canon 350D until 2011, since then I upgraded to the Canon 60D – the 350D is an old model which I don’t believe is being sold anymore.. It’s the beginner’s body and of course it has some limitations. I am very happy with the 60D, but this is also due to better lenses which make a VERY big difference, of course… but in general i can recommend the 60D!

    • thank you! since 2011 I have a Sigma 120-400 mm telephoto lens… before I always used a quite cheap travel-tele of 90-300 mm, I think, but I am obviously much more satisfied with the Sigma… my everyday lense is the Canon 18-135 mm 3.5-5.6 IS… that’s also a good choice, I think! Mostly I use these two lenses for my wildlife photography, but additionally I have a Sigma 10-20 mm, and a Canon 50 mm 1.8…

  14. You have an amazing blog, the pictures, the way you write, everything in here is an expression of your great talent! Every time I’m looking at a picture you took, my respect and admiration for nature and wild life is getting stronger and I think you can touch many hearts trough your art. And that’s truly a gift from above!
    Thank you so much for following my blog, I’m honored and I feel blessed that I discovered yours!
    Best wishes and a Happy New Year!

  15. Thanks for stopping by The Long Way Home! I love your blog – both its theme and content! I always try to combine wildlife spotting with my travels and most recently saw a surprising range of songbirds in Cyprus. I look forward to reading more!

    • thank you!! I am very happy that you like it! I was in India for the last few weeks, therefore, there are no recent posts, but i will change that soon!! Hope to see more from you, too!! 🙂

  16. Wow! Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for dropping by my blog – the dolphin pics were just my humourous way of saying I could never manage anything as awesome as what you’ve got here!

  17. Hello Matthias!! thanks for checking out my blog. Beautiful blog you are having, your passion about wildlife is wonderful. Will be checking out your blog weekly

    • Hello Matolela! thank you for your compliment! I really love going outdoors – and I would LOVE to come to Botswana again – I was there only once for a short time in 2005 – unfortunately before I had a digital camera, but I very much remember the beauty of the country!! well – maybe some day!! I hope you have many chances to get outdoors!! 🙂

  18. Thanks for the likes and your comment on my About page that I forgot to reply to, sorry! Enjoying exploring your blog and jealous of some of the photos you’ve managed to get:). Where are you planning to go next?

    • thank you! I really love travelling – the next trip is already planned and will bring me to China this summer, let’s see what I will experience there… your second question is much harder to answer! I don’t think I have a favourite animal to photograph, but I am in love with Africa and therefore I feel best photographing animals in one of the continent’s national parks… is that a useful answer?? 🙂

      • China ! How interesting ! In which part of the country ? My boyfriend is from China but I’ve never been there myself. I will visit at some point, but I’m a bit scared of the pollution.

        As for animals, it’s interesting. I know a lot of people who prefer to take pictures of birds, or insects or other species. It’s quite nice that you like taking pictures of everything 🙂

      • I will fly to Beijing first, but the complete route is not fixed yet… I was in China already three times and although the pollution is a big problem, it did not affect me very much, I have to say… and what are your next plans?

  19. Hi, Matthias.
    Thanks for checking out my blog, your comment is actually the first one I got, so it is very encouraging!

    Love your beautiful pictures 🙂 And good luck with your China trip !



  20. It’s one of the best blogs I have come across…with great pictures and a very clean theme..I must admit, that the pictures clicked by you are one of the best I have seen amongst the wildlife pictures especially the birds… keep going!

  21. Hi Matthias, nice to meet you. Wonderful photographs!
    Thanks so much for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey. And don’t be a stranger – come on over and join the conversation.
    Cheers, and happy travels

  22. You have a nice blog with interesting pictures. I love photography and traveling. On my blog you can find some pictures taken during my trips, but also pictures taken in my own country. I like all kinds of photography. I will follow you from now.

    • Hello!! Good to hear from you! I thought we would see each other again on some of the days – when did you leave Kaziranga? I had a perfect time there! Pictures are coming soon – I will check out yours just now! 🙂

    • Hello Wasim! Good to hear from you! I had a wonderful time in Ranthambore National Park!! I am already eager to post on it… but you and me have to be a little patient… 😉 All the best!!

  23. Mensch, Matthias, wunderschöne Fotos und ein toller Blog! Warum erfahre ich davon erst jetzt? . 🙂 Im Ernst, gefällt mir richtig gut. Ich freu mich, ein paar Eindrücke von all deinen Reisen mitzubekommen. Ganz liebe Grüße, Anja

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