Southeast Asia 2008 (part IV): Battambang

Battambang, Cambodia:

Wat Banan near Battambang

Wat Banan near Battambang

After visiting the majestic ruins of Angkor, we took the bus towards the southern side of the Tonle Sap which brought us into the town of Battambang. Beyond the well-trodden tourist paths, we hoped to get a better glimpse of the local life. The following day, we organised a tuk-tuk-driver who showed us around the countryside for a day – and we had a really great time! Although the ancient ruins of nearby Wat Banan cannot compare with those of Angkor, they have a much more secluded feeling. In any case, the major sight in the area is the prominent hill of Phnom Sampeau with a beautiful golden stupa at its top. There are several caves in the hill which were used as torture chambers by the Khmer Rouge and now serve as a sad reminder of this tragic part of Cambodian history. The last stop on our way back to Battambang was a local market where fish from the Tonle Sap is either sold directly or ground into a grey paste used to prepare soup.

Following on our short detour to Battambang, we continued our journey towards the capital of Cambodia: Phnom Penh.

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