China 2007 (part II): Guilin

Guilin, Guangxi:

museum village near Guilin

museum village near Guilin

My first short trip outside of Guangzhou led me to Guilin (for a map visit here). This city is well-known for the spectacular karst landscape in its neighbourhood. Over geologic time, carbonate rocks have been formed into an array of cone-shaped hills. Nowadays, the area is one of China’s most prominent tourist attractions and a visit is definitely worth your time!! Probably the best way to experience the grandiose landscape is by taking the boat tour along the Li River which runs through the hills for many kilometres. But the karst did not only influence the earth’s surface, but its interior as well and the region is also famous for several imposing caves which are illuminated in a wide array of colours. Unfortunately, the weather was not very good during my visit and many of the hills were hidden in a shroud of clouds and mist – I guess I have to come back some day!

The next trip from Guangzhou brought me to Hong Kong, but you have to click here to read about that! 🙂

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