China 2007 (part III): Hong Kong

Hong Kong:

skyline of Hong Kong

skyline of Hong Kong

Following on my short trip to Guilin and some more work in Guangzhou, I took a long weekend off and hopped on the train to Hong Kong. A visit to this mega city can be found on many bucket lists and although I would always prefer to spend my time in nature instead of the concrete jungle, it’s definitely worth the journey! Among Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, you can experience a plethora of adventures stimulating all your senses! Next to bustling meat or medicine markets, ancient and poorly lit temples are filled with incense as if time stood still. One of the best ways to get around enormous Hong Kong is by using the green ferries cruising the harbor. In the evening you may view the laser show from Kowloon or ascend Victoria Peak to gaze at the sea of lights! Because I had only two days, I missed out on a lot of impressive sights, but at least I could visit the Tian Tan Buddha (or Big Buddha). This enormous monument was completed in 1993 and is supposed to be the biggest free-standing seated buddha statue in the world! In any case, reaching it via the cable car cruising above Lantau Island is a really nice trip outside of the hectic city centre.

After this short visit to Hong Kong, I took the ferry across the Pearl River estuary to visit Macau. But wait, I will talk about this in the subsequent post! 🙂

4 responses to “China 2007 (part III): Hong Kong

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  2. I really get jealous when seeing your photos! What’s the saying? One photo says more than thousand words. I have rarely traveled Asia so far, but would dye for more 🙂

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