India 2016 (part XIX): Tadoba

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra:

a young tiger in the bamboo forests of Tadoba

a young tiger in the bamboo forests of Tadoba

Two weeks after my adventures in Ranthambore National Park, I took another weekend off and travelled to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in central India.


Together with a friend, I stayed two nights in the pretty MTDC Guest House in Moharli at the border of the national park. Since we organized the journey comparatively late, most safaris were already booked. Consequently, we could not visit the more popular central and northern zones accessible from nearby Moharli Gate. Instead, our three safaris took us to the more rarely visited Kolsa Zone via the Pangadi and Zari Gates. Even though this area is supposed to offer less chances for spotting animals, the gallery below will show you that we had a fantastic time with great wildlife watching (click here for a video with clips from the safaris).

After eventful days, our train left Chandrapur station and brought us back into “civilization”. While the following weeks were dominated by work, I could get out of Jaipur again at the beginning of June to visit colleagues in Pune.

11 responses to “India 2016 (part XIX): Tadoba

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  3. Hey, could you help me with planning my itinerary.
    A. Do you need to book safaris in advance? How much in advance really?
    B. Is it a good place to visit just for the weekend as you stayed for two nights?
    C. Also is it easy to find conveyance to take you to the hotel and the sanctuary or do we need to prebook the same?

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment! I think it is definitely a good place to visit! The more safaris you can do the better – if you like the outdoors and nature, you can always find something, but nobody can guarantee that you will see a tiger, for example!
      I would definitely book everything in advance and unfortunately the procedure is somewhat complicated!! There are several gates into the park and each day, they will only let a certain number of people into the park. We booked everything quite late, so we had problems of getting entry! You have to book an entry ticket into the park for a specific gate, but that does not include the jeep in which you will go. You therefore have to organize your own car to go from your hotel to the gate as well as organize a jeep for going into the park from the gate. There are early morning and afternoon safari slots – but you also have to consider that some gates are far off and that you might have to drive a long way to reach the gate first. I think, it is quite difficult to organize all this once you are there and therefore I would definitely book it in advance. I think you should either contact a private tour operator or Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation. I hope I could help you!

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