Video: Wildlife in Tadoba (India 2016)

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra is one of the best places to spot wild tigers in India. I visited the area together with a friend in May 2016 and showed you already some photographs in the last post. Here you can find some of the animals in moving pictures – I hope you like the video! In the order of their appearance and in addition to a number of birds flying through the background, you will see the following species: Gray Langur, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer and Sambar Deer, Indian Roller, Gray Langur, Leopard, Crested Serpent Eagle, Gray Langur, Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole), Crested Hawk Eagle, Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole), Indian Bison (Gaur), Crested Hawk Eagle, Spotted Deer, and finally a young Bengal Tiger. A lot of the action took place around one water hole in the center of the the so-called Kolsa Zone. Tigers are known to come here to drink and, accordingly, the deer were extremely nervous during their visits.

I took all clips with my Canon 60D and Sigma 120-400 mm lens. Later on, I did some poor amateur editing with Adobe After Effects.

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