India 2016 (part XXIII): Udaipur

Udaipur, Rajasthan:

City Palace of Udaipur as seen from Jag Mandir

City Palace of Udaipur as seen from Jag Mandir

On the weekend after returning from my trip to Lucknow and Kushinagar, I travelled to Udaipur with a friend.


Udaipur is certainly one of the nicest places in northern India! It has around 400,000 inhabitants, but the actual city centre is tiny and pleasantly located along the shores of Lake Pichola. Here you find the most prominent sights including the grand City Palace, the small Bagore-ki-Haveli, and the intricate Jagdish Temple. One of the most popular activities is a boat tour to and from Jag Mandir. Nevertheless, the best thing about Udaipur is the relaxed atmosphere in its rooftop restaurants and along the ghats offering views of the lake and its islands. No wonder that many movies were shot here, including James Bond’s “Octopussy” and more recently “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”!

I also visited the Maharana’s collection of vintage cars including the Rolls Royce used in the James Bond movie, but actually going there is only useful for car fanatics. Further afield lies the Monsoon Palace offering spectacular views of Udaipur and the sunset.

On our last evening in town, a heavy monsoon shower hit Udaipur – fortunately, we were sitting safely inside a restaurant and could enjoy the mayhem as you can see in the following video.

After the rains passed, the atmosphere changed quickly and we got to see a beautiful sunset before leaving to the train station!

For the first time on my many journeys through India, I took a first-class coach (1AC) and i cannot complain, it really was comfortable! After so much travelling, I stayed in Jaipur for the next weeks before work brought me to Kolkata at the beginning of July – you may check out the following post to read about that!

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