India 2016 (part XXIV): Kolkata 2

Kolkata, West Bengal:

Howrah Bridge spanning the mighty Hooghly River in Kolkata

Howrah Bridge spanning the mighty Hooghly River in Kolkata

Three weeks after my return from Udaipur, work brought me to Kolkata to meet friends/colleagues.


In addition to my research, I could also check out some parts of the city I had not seen during my earlier visit in March. We started our tour at the wonderful South Park Street Cemetery with its huge trees towering above the century-old graves. The next stop was the Indian Museum with its large collections of fossils, minerals, ancient statues, and paintings. The Egyptian hall even shows off a real mummy! Unfortunately, some of the galleries were closed for maintenance… From the Indian Museum, we went down to the Hooghly River, one of the larger distributaries of the Ganges. A ferry took us north underneath the famous Howrah Bridge, constructed from 1936 to 1942 and today one of the landmarks of Kolkata. In the city’s northern part, we visited the “colourful” Parshwanath Temple (=Calcutta Jain Temple), before calling it a day during a walk along College Road with its numerous book stalls.

After a great stay in Kolkata, I took the plane back to Jaipur, but a stopover in Delhi enabled me to do some sightseeing in India’s capital!

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