India 2016 (part XXXIV): Shimla-Sarahan

Shimla-Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh:



During the first half of September I went on a fantastic road trip – from Jaipur all the way into the high Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh. Together with two colleagues, I did research in the Spiti Valley close to the Indo-Tibetan border.


The first part of the journey followed a broad highway and was relatively unremarkable. We entered the mountains abruptly after passing Chandigarh and the road became narrow and winding. After another four hours, we reached Shimla (~2200 m), the capital of Himachal Pradesh, where we would stay overnight. The following morning, we organized our inner line permits, which would enable us to enter the border areas. Then we left town and followed the Sutlej River up-stream until our next stop, the village of Sarahan (~2300 m). Throughout the day, the landscape became more and more rugged, but the vegetation was still dense (check out a video of the trip here).

The next day brought us much deeper into the mountains – see here!

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