India 2016 (part LIV): Lothal

Lothal, Gujarat:

the ancient dockyard of Lothal

the ancient dockyard of Lothal

After my work around Jaisalmer was finished, I returned to Jaipur for a couple of days before another field survey called me to Gujarat.


The airplane brought me to Ahmedabad where a car with driver was already waiting. After driving for about two hours, we took a break at Lothal, one of the most prominent sites of the ancient Indus valley civilization. People inhabited the area already more than 5000 years ago and fortunately left a number of artefacts behind. I would say that a visit to Lothal is suited only for true history-buffs, but I nevertheless enjoyed my stroll through the excavated ruins. The most important sight is the world’s oldest known dockyard (constructed more than 4000 years ago!). In addition, I spotted some nice birds hopping through the dry grass.

Following this short visit to Lothal, we continued our drive to the Blackbuck National Park near Bhavnagar, which I will present to you in the coming post.

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