Greece 2017 (part III): Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal, Greece:

Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal

The first stop on my trip to the eastern Peloponnese was at the Corinth Canal, approximately 70 km west of Athens.

With a length of 6.4 km and a basal width of only 21.4 m, the Corinth Canal connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf. Although first construction attempts already date back to the 1st century AD, it was completed only in 1893. Due to its narrowness, the canal is not used by cargo ships anymore – nonetheless, it’s still an impressive site to see.

From the Corinth Canal, the bus took me south to the famous archaeological site of Epidaurus – check out my coming post!

3 responses to “Greece 2017 (part III): Corinth Canal

  1. I have been sharing your series with my partner, Matthias, who is an aficionado of Greek history, and look forward to sharing this beauty too. Thank you so much. You captured it well, with so many angles, and I appreciated the boat, for perspective.

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