Namibia 2007 (part VI): Homeb

Homeb, Namibia:

reaching Homeb at the Kuiseb River

reaching Homeb at the Kuiseb River

We left Swakopmund in the early morning and entered the vast Namib Desert.

Our first stop was the tiny settlement of Homeb located ca. 70 km off the main road at the Kuiseb River. This ephemeral river blocks the red sand dunes of the southern Namib Desert from migrating northwards. Consequently, one side of the river is formed by wide plains of gravel and barren rock, while the other is characterized by the tallest sand dunes of the world (>150 m high!). During our visit, Homeb consisted of a series of uninhabited shacks, but I read that there is something of a campground nowadays.

After a short walk through the dry river bed and into the sand dunes, we left Homeb and drove further east towards the Namib-Naukluft National Park.

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