Namibia 2007 (part VIII): Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei, Namibia:

dead acacia trees in Deadvlei

dead acacia trees in Deadvlei

After leaving the beautiful Naukluft Mountains behind, we entered the sea of dunes around Namibia’s most popular sight: Sossusvlei.

Sossusvlei is a famous clay and salt pan surrounded by the red sand dunes of the Namib Desert (some more than 300 m in height!). The ephemeral Tsauchab River floods the area every few years leaving puddles of water which dry out over the course of weeks or months. The little water reaching the pans leads to sparse vegetation and comparatively rich wildlife – nevertheless, it is the fascinating contrast between the red dunes and the white pans which draws the visitors. The natural spectacle is truly fantastic in the eary morning or late afternoon! Near the entrance to Sossusvlei lies the Sesriem Canyon which can be visited as well.

After visiting the magnificent Sossusvlei, we drove further south towards Africa’s largest canyon: the Fish River Canyon.

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