Austria 2017: Vienna

Vienna, Austria:

Upper Belvedere

Upper Belvedere

At the end of April, I traveled to Vienna for a week in order to attend a congress.

Despite the busy conference schedule, I was able to see the major sights of Austria’s capital. In addition to a good number of impressive churches, I visited such world-class museums as the Secession, the Albertina, the Upper Belvedere, the Natural History Museum, the Imperial Treasury, and the Museum of Art History. Some of humankind’s most valued treasures are kept here – from the truly ancient Venus of Willendorf up to the 20th century paintings of Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, and Egon Schiele. I was really stunned by all the magnificence!

I can only recommend a visit to beautiful Vienna to see all of it with your own eyes!

8 responses to “Austria 2017: Vienna

  1. Thank you, Matthias, for this extensive tour of Venice. You covered so many places, shared many lovely photos and took the time to label each one, much appreciated as I visited the city with you. I really like how you captured the modern as well as ancient times of Vienna. Especially found the ancient clocks beautiful.

  2. Love the pictures! But Vienna isn’t a place where you can be for 2 days and gain the full experience. It would take about a year to take all that city has got for you. It is a place to stay.

    • thanks – I was there for a week and surely didn’t have time to really see and experience everything as I went there for work! The world has too much to offer for one person to see everything in detail!

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