Scandinavia 2017 (part I): Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark:

old houses at Nyhavn

old houses at Nyhavn

At the end of May, I took a train to Copenhagen to meet a friend. Together we would discover Denmark’s capital and travel further north through Sweden and Norway (for a video of the entire train journey see here).

With around two million inhabitants, Copenhagen is by far the biggest city of Denmark. During our two days here, the weather was fantastic and we had a great time exploring the city’s many palaces, churches, parks, and museums. As you can see in the gallery below, Copenhagen offers plenty of opportunities to learn about northern Europe’s history, get overwhelmed by fantastic art pieces, and recover afterwards by chilling at one of the canals crisscrossing the city centre (or in ‘Freetown Christiania’).

I hope the photos convinced you that a visit to Copenhagen is definitely worthwhile and I can really recommend it, if you have the chance! We continued our train journey and crossed the Oresund Bridge to Sweden with our next stop being Gothenburg – check out the coming post!

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