Scandinavia 2017 (part III): Bergen Railway

Bergen Railway, Norway:

crossing the Hardangervidda

crossing the Hardangervidda

We left Gothenburg very early in the morning to go on the long train journey all the way to Bergen in Norway.

Slowly, the landscape became truly Scandinavian with a change from open fields to more forests and lakes. In Oslo we entered the so-called Bergen Railway which is a particularly scenic line crossing the majestic Hardangervidda mountain plateau. I did not expect that the countryside at ca. 1200 m above sea level was still dominated by snow and ice at the end of May, but it was a fantastic sight! Even though cheap air tickets are available and might cut down travel time, I would definitely recommend train journeys if possible (if you want to see a video of the trip click here)!

We reached Bergen in the late afternoon and were eager to explore the city on the following day.

5 responses to “Scandinavia 2017 (part III): Bergen Railway

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  2. I love the black stripes of the snowy northern mountains; it’s a long time since I’ve been to Norway, but I still remember it well. Truly majestic part of the world.

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