Germany 2017: Fulda

Fulda, Hesse:

Cathedral of Fulda

Cathedral of Fulda

At the beginning of August, I had the chance to spent an afternoon in beautiful Fulda.

Fulda is a small town with about 67,000 inhabitants, but boasts a photogenic old city centre with a series of impressive churches and other architectural highlights. I started my walk at the opulent St. Blasius Church built between 1771 and 1785 in baroque style. From there I visited the nearby city palace, which houses Fulda’s administration as well as a museum with historic rooms and a collection of paintings and porcellain. Nearby stands St. Michael’s Church, which was constructed from 820 to 822 and is one of the oldest in the region. The most imposing building of Fulda is the cathedral from the early 18th century housing the tomb of Saint Boniface. I continued my walk from the cathedral through the alleys of the old town passing a few parks, more churches, and beautiful houses (including the birthplace of Nobel laureate in physics Karl Ferdinand Braun).

My sightseeing tour through Fulda was completed in the late afternoon. Finally I had visited this pleasant town, which I had previously only passed via train.

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