Germany 2017: Plön

Plön, Schleswig-Holstein:

Plön Castle and St. Nikolai Church

Plön Castle and St. Nikolai Church

Plön is a small town situated among lakes in southeastern Schleswig-Holstein. It is a nice place to spend a sunny afternoon as I discovered in August.

The most impressive building of Plön is its castle, one of the most important Renaissance buildings of Germany. After serving as a boarding school for many years, it was finally sold to the Fielmann Akademie Schloss Plön in 2002 who use it as a training centre for opticians. The town’s main churches can be found close-by and include St. Nikolai (built in its current form between 1866-1868) and St. John’s Church (constructed around 1685). Plön also served as the residence for the sons of German Emperor Wilhelm II at the end of the 19th and beginnning 20th century as evident by the aptly named Princes’ House and Princes’ Island, a peninsula extending into Lake Plön. The Parnass Tower was constructed in 1888 and offers splendid views.

I had a good time in Plön, but regret not taking a bicycle to explore more of the surrounding countryside.

2 responses to “Germany 2017: Plön

  1. These are beautiful photographs of a lovely place. Your post took me back to my childhood; I went to Plön on a school trip once. We stayed in a hostel right by the lake, it was a fabulous trip. Thank you for reminding me of this lovely time! 🙂

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