China 2017: Chengdu and surroundings

Chengdu, Sichuan:

inside Guihu Park

inside Guihu Park

In September 2017, work brought me once again to China and more specifically to Chengdu in the province of Sichuan.

I spent most of my days at the Southwest Petroleum University at the city’s northern outskirts. The extensive campus has beautiful parks and I could even spot some pretty birds.

Together with colleagues, I visited the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project approximately 60 km northwest of Chengdu. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was constructed in the 3rd century BC to control the seasonal flooding of the Min River and is still in use today! A number of canals are used to tame the river and irrigate millions of hectares of farmland – a truly impressive feat!

After work in Chengdu was finished, we traveled to the mountains of Emei Shan, 130 km southwest of Chengdu, to conduct some field work. The weather was quite terrible with an almost constant drizzle of rain, but the scenery of lush forests and mountain streams was beautiful!

On the way back to Chengdu, we stopped at the fantastic Leshan Grand Buddha, which I had already visited in 2015 (see here). Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 71-m-high Buddha Statue was constructed from 713 to 803 and is a truly unbelievable sight!

After our return to Chengdu, we visited the Chengdu Panda Base where researchers study Giant and Red Pandas to secure the species’ survival.

I took a few video clips of the pandas in their enclosures:

Before my flight would bring me back to Germany, I had the chance to see the ultramodern city centre of Chengdu with its fancy shopping malls and impressive skyscrapers. Additionally, I visited the much more serene Guihu Park and Baoguang Monastery close to the Southwest Petroleum University.

This was my fifth journey to China and my fourth visit to Chengdu, but I was still lucky enough to see something new.

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