Germany 2017: Munich

Munich, Bavaria:

Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)

Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)

At the end of October, work brought me to Munich for a week. Since a good friend of mine lives in the area, I stayed for the weekend and discovered parts of the city.

The fantastic sunny autumn weather was ideal to explore the many sights of Munich including the iconic Frauenkirche, the impressive New Town Hall (best seen from the tower of the Church of St. Peter), the wide English Garden, and the majestic Nymphenburg Palace. I also took a walk through the countless rooms of the Residenz, the old royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs. This fabulous museum includes the Treasury with breathtaking, jewel-studded masterpieces as well as somewhat creepy relics (such as a skull marked as the one of John the Baptist). Before my train was leaving again, I could check out the world-renowned art collections of the Alte and Neue Pinakothek including paintings of da Vinci, Dürer, van Gogh, and Klimt among others!

As you can imagine, I enjoyed my visit to Munich greatly and would suggest at least a couple of days to explore it thoroughly!

6 responses to “Germany 2017: Munich

  1. Thanks so much, Matthias, for this extensive tour of Munich. Having been in Germany and Munich for nearly a year on a foreign exchange program many years ago, I looked at each photo and enjoyed revisiting this beautiful city. Your photos of Church of St. Peter with the ethereal light were especially stunning. And I so enjoyed seeing the classic art, too.

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