Germany 2017: Berlin


Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

I traveled to Berlin twice in 2017 to meet a friend and explore parts of this vibrant city.

During my first visit in February, we walked through the fantastic German Historical Museum, which gives a very thorough insight into the country’s history from the Middle Ages until today. Apart from the many wars, the exhibition shows changes in the daily lives of the people or advances in science and technology. I really enjoyed the museum and would recommend to spend one entire day in this place! On the following day, I took a walk from the Tiergarten to the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial.

My second visit to Berlin was in November and this time we visited the Neues Museum which houses fascinating Egyptian, Prehistoric, and Early Historic artefacts as well as the Old National Gallery with its world-famous art collection.

Berlin with its many sights will keep each visitor easily busy for more than a week. My two visits were therefore far from enough and I am sure that I will come back to discover more!

2 responses to “Germany 2017: Berlin

  1. I find the first photo of the outside of the museum very interesting. A few months ago I shared my dad’s WWII 1946 photos on my blog. One of the buildings in my dad’s pictures looks like the same building as you show above. Thought you might like to see the old picture. You will need to scroll down a few pictures to find it. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Here’s a link to my blog with dad’s photos.

    • thank you very much for your comment (and please excuse my late reply)! I really enjoyed your post with the old photos of your father in Berlin after the war… good that those times are long gone!!!

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