Israel 2017 (part IV): Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel:

sea shore of Tel Aviv

sea shore of Tel Aviv

My flight back to Germany left in the afternoon, therefore I had the chance to walk through some parts of Tel Aviv before.

Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 and is Israel’s second largest city. It’s a lively, vibrant place which can occupy visitors easily for a couple of days. Since I had only a few hours, I went on a walk through the old town of Jaffa with its ancient harbour and cobbled streets.

I really had a good time in Israel! Work was very productive and I saw a lot of new places – I have to come back some day with more time!

4 responses to “Israel 2017 (part IV): Tel Aviv

    • Hello Valentina! thanks for your message – I have stayed in Tel Aviv only for a couple of days last year and felt very safe wherever I went, but I am no expert on the city… I would just book a room in the city center and then use common sense like in any other big city… I hope you have a great time in lively Tel Aviv!

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